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About Us

In the name of Allah the most Merciful and the most Kind.

The Masjid is much more than just a place of worship, and as such we strive to provide a spectrum of services such as Islamic teachings, seminars and forums. To learn more about such activities that we run, please feel free to contact us. The brothers and sisters that attend Masjid Noor comprise of many backgrounds, cultures and age groups .

You will find us and the local community very friendly, open and welcoming. Read below to find out more about the Masjid and its facilities and services.

Prayer Halls

Two prayer halls at the masjid, main hall with capacity of up to 200 worshippers and a secondary hall, also used for female students of the Maktab.


We have two entrances into the masjid, one main entrance and a secondary entrance with a wheel chair ramp for our disabled and elderly visitors.


The Masjid has a small kitchen on-site for visiting guests and functions.

On-site Parking

Car parking facilities are available on-site for approximately 15-20 vehicles


Wudhu facilities and toilets area available

Disabled and Elderly

Wheel chair ramp entrance, and disabled toilets are available for our elderly and disabled visitors.

Nikkah Services

Masjid-e-Noor is able to provide Nikkah Services. Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.