Coronavirus- Covid19

22 Mar 2020

It is with great sorrow that we announce that all congregational activities in Masjid Noor are suspended with immediate effect. This decision has been taken after careful consideration and will be under constant review.

Five times Adhan will continue and jama'at will take place in some capacity.

The Masjid is not open to the public.

We humbly urge all to use these circumstances to connect with Allah Almighty and his Beloved Prophet ﷺ.

Please keep an eye on the masjid website/WhatsApp group for further updates.

‎اللهم فرج عن أمة سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم



1. Muslims should turn to Allah Almighty, repent and seek forgiveness, give charity and supplicate. Tahajjud Salah is encouraged, and Islamic practices should be implemented within the home environment.

2. In accordance with the Government and Public Health England guidelines, all Muslims and Citizens of the UK should adopt social distancing. Other precautionary measures, such as implementing hygiene and reducing travel, should also be taken.

3. As the deadly virus has spread quickly and is easily passing from person to person, there is an urgent need to take further measures to stem the spread. Therefore, it would be justified to perform Salah in one’s own home.

5. Those performing Salah at home should set aside specific times for Salah and be punctual. It is sufficient to perform Zuhr Salah in lieu of Jumu’ah Salah.

6. Those with elderly parents or vulnerable members of the family should consider it an honour to take care of them.

7. If anyone receives messages regarding this disease, they should refrain from forwarding on without investigating their accuracy. Furthermore, one should abstain from making jokes about the virus or any illness.